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Tim Willey

Tim Willey

Meet the Artist

Tim Willey is a sculptor, craftsman and applied ecologist. He established his own practice in the North Norfolk countryside, where he manages 12 acres of mixed woodland. This provides him with a continuous supply of sustainable materials and a perfect working environment, which he happily shares with numerous species of birds, mammals and insects. Tim is an active researcher in adaptive construction, open-fired ceramics and experimental archaeology and runs regular practical workshops, often in collaboration with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, where he can share his knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

‘It is important that my work reacts to the material situation at hand, rather than being the result of an inwardly conceived idea. I like to follow a cyclical and rather seasonal pattern of working; from the planting of trees to the harvesting and processing of timber, and finally through to constructing, which might involve, cleaving, turning, carving, or indeed any action which seems appropriate.’ – Tim Willey

Tim was part of our group exhibition, In the Grain, in April 2021 at The Scottish Gallery.

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