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Zoe Arnold

Zoe Arnold

Meet the Artist

Zoe Arnold graduated in 2003 from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London having completed a first class jewellery degree, and set up her own workshop. Having initial interests in being a sculptor she nevertheless fell into the jewellery world as a way of satisfying a need to work in fine detail and on a smaller scale, and this is very evident in her work, which can be described as a wearable form of art.

I don’t particularly like being described as a jeweller, simply because most peoples perceptions of what a jeweller is, or does, are completely wrong in relation to my work. I do make jewellery, but I write poetry, short stories, make automata and larger more sculptural works. In the past an artist would have had many strings to their bow, but now society likes to file us under comfortable titles, and these don’t always fit.’ Zoe Arnold.

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