Gallery Tour | Kate Downie

15 Jun 2021 - 5:00pm

Exhibition Tour | Kate Downie
Tuesday 15 June | 5pm (20 mins)
Join us by Zoom as we explore Kate Downie's new exhibition, Between Season's
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We are thrilled to welcome Kate Downie back for her seventh solo exhibition with The Scottish Gallery. Between Seasons is an exhibition of international standing, reflecting the extraordinary times in which we live. A series of ten tree paintings form the heart of this exhibition. Each painting can be viewed through 180 degrees, with bottom and top image transected by a central horizon line, forming a mirror-like reflection. The trees, which Downie has captured at six-month intervals, move forward and backwards in time, existing in a continual state of transition. Each work is a journey without a beginning or end, a cycle of life, death, and regeneration within which we all play a part.

Gallery Tour | Kate Downie
Kate Downie in her Studio
Gallery Tour | Kate Downie
Between Seasons (Study), oil on canvas, 110 x 200 cm
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