The Scottish Gallery is delighted to present A Certain Light by Victoria Crowe for the Edinburgh Art Festival 2018. Many will already have seen her exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery Beyond Likeness and will be looking forward to her major retrospective at the Edinburgh City Art Centre in 2019. But for all artists the most important painting is the next one and The Scottish Gallery since the inception of the Festival has showcased new work by Scotland’s greatest living artists. A Certain Light is the fruit of three years work including paintings of the landscape surrounding her home in West Linton, works inspired by her residency at Dumfries House and a new series of luminous still life interiors of haunting beauty. Victoria Crowe’s work continues to reflect on the nature of light, the way it reveals and obscures; she seeks the half light of dusk when colour can be enhanced as the light dies and the mind is invited to dwell on the unknowable. In Venice, where she has a home and second studio, the sense of time passed and passing is intense, bathed in a palette of reds, where the eternal and the ephemeral exist in perfect balance. We are grateful to John Morrison and Peter Davidson for their insights, eloquence and poetry in the text which accompanies this wonderful exhibition.


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