A Considered Place - Drum Castle

Sara Brennan, Jo Barker, Susan Mowatt, Andrea Walsh

21 Apr 2019 - 17 Nov 2019

Drum Castle presents their latest exhibition - A Considered Place curated by Professor Dorothy Williams in partnership with The Scottish Gallery and Copperfield, London. This exhibition features five leading contemporary British artists who work across a variety of media to express a considered sense of place and experience, featuring woven tapestries from Jo Barker, Sara Brennan, and Susan Mowatt, the exquisite glass and ceramics of Andrea Walsh, and Jane Bustin’s intriguing combinations of paint, metal, ceramics, and cloth.

Within the historic yet timeless setting of Drum Castle, their art offers a contemporary resonance with aspects of the historic building, collections and landscape. The exhibition will be open to the public at Drum Castle from 21 April - 17 November 2019. For more information and to plan your visit to Drum Castle please click here.

A catalogue has been published to accompany this exhibition. To purchase your copy of A Considered Place, please click here.

Drum Castle presents a special evening event on Friday 7 June with two leading artists in the field of contemporary hand-woven tapestry. Jo Barker and Sara Brennan will talk about their respective creative processes, the importance friendship plays in that process, and the development of ideas for the exhibition at Drum Castle. Please click here for further details and to purchase your ticket.


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