A Memorial Exhibition

01 Jun 2016 - 25 Jun 2016

John Busby is one of the most important wildlife artists of recent years. His book Drawing Birds revolutionised the way artists capture birds in the field. Busby's deceptively simple sketches captured, with a few strokes of the pencil and watercolour wash, the essence of a bird's movement and behaviour.

John’s friend and fellow artist Darren Woodhead wrote:

“John Busby’s drawings and paintings live and breathe the magic of their subject. His gannets soar and hang, stall and drift again, riding the currents of air as lightlyas the pencil glides. How beautifully his young foxes leap, their energy, rhythm and playfulness radiate from every graphite mark. How deftly the hand of the artist suggests the feathers and down of a barn owl. Behind each of these deceptively simplemarks are the decades of experience of the most observant naturalist, and the very finest of artists.”

The Scottish Art Gallery has worked closely with his wife Joan to compile this exhibition to celebrate the life and work of such a talented artist. 

This exhibition also coincies with the launch of John last book 'Lines from Nature' published by Langford Press & available for purchase from the gallery, £38. 

  • Maui, Hawaiian Stilts and Night Heron

    Maui, Hawaiian Stilts and Night Heron

    H:29cm W:51cm
  • Guillemots and Razorbills with Passing Kittiwake and Shadow

    Guillemots and Razorbills with Passing Kittiwake and Shadow

    H:27cm W:30.5cm
  • Dabchicks and Great Crested Grebe

    Dabchicks and Great Crested Grebe

    watercolour & chalk
    H:23cm W:30cm
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