A Small Town

02 Mar 2016 - 30 Mar 2016

In 2006, after studying at Glasgow School of Art, Diana Leslie returned to Orkney to live and work as an artist. A Small Town is a sensitive collection of works based on Kirkwall and Stromness; the town where Leslie grew up and the town where she currently lives. It is her deep sense of belonging that allows Leslie to create these intimate, honest depictions of the Orcadian townscape & community.  

“I’m content with the idea that if I represent my here and now it has some currency. And painting has a magical property. If the artist is bored or complacent that will live on in the work, a bit Dorian Gray. So I paint on.” Diana Leslie.


  • Self Portrait by the Window

    Self Portrait by the Window

    oil on wood
    H:33.3cm W:48.8cm
  • Hobbister


    oil on wood
    H:36cm W:55cm
  • From Brinkie’s Brae

    From Brinkie’s Brae

    colograph print
    H:14.5cm W:104cm
  • Behind Bruces Stores

    Behind Bruces Stores

    oil on wood
    H:24cm W:34cm
  • The Garage on Junction Road

    The Garage on Junction Road

    oil on wood
    H:19.7cm W:24.6cm
  • The Waterfront

    The Waterfront

    oil on wood
    H:29.5cm W:39cm
  • Waterfront Gallery

    Waterfront Gallery

    oil on wood
    H:30cm W:40cm
  • The Sharon Rose and her Sister Jean Elaine

    The Sharon Rose and her Sister Jean Elaine

    oil on wood
    H:34.5cm W:40cm
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