Anatomy of Haste

Kate Downie

03 Aug 2017 - 02 Sep 2017

Kate Downie believes in the transformational character of art. She applies her boundless energy to the project of making art in the certain belief that it matters. This optimism is part of her character sure, but goes beyond the personal: the work is made in an open, effusive, generous spirit; it is hers but it is not for her, it is for all of us. She has always sought collaborations, acknowledged her kindred spirits in art, travelled to learn new techniques in new materials, shared ideas (when some would keep them close to the chest like a poker hand) and enriched her practice.

So an exhibition of new work, significantly here at The Scottish Gallery for the Edinburgh Festival when we look outward with pride, is always going to be in narrative form, an internal and real journey, always hers but shared, its destination not wholly known at the outset. Anatomy of Haste is an important contribution to visual art for the Festival, 2017, the artist’s invitation to pause, the antithesis of her apparent subject.

  • Shimbashi (Hand)
    Kate Downie

    Shimbashi (Hand)

    acrylic and oil on canvas
    H:110cm W:200cm
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