Capital City

Hugh Buchanan

29 Nov 2019 - 23 Dec 2019

We present Hugh Buchanan’s Capital City, an exploration of the character of Edinburgh, viewed through the multiplicity of its capitals and columns. The Classical tradition of the city is present in the proportion and detail of so many of Edinburgh’s great buildings, but light, or the lack of it, defines the city’s character. Buchanan’s palette, the servant of light, is timeless: he rejoices in gloomy veils of time as well as in contemporary tungsten, neon, or clear daylight.

In my most recent exhibition at The Scottish Gallery, in 2017, I celebrated 250 years of Edinburgh’s New Town. In retrospect, I felt that there were two areas of Edinburgh’s heritage that I could have developed further. Firstly, the extraordinary variety and quality of the city’s capitals and columns and, secondly, the texture of the stone itself. This exhibition explores both those areas. Hugh Buchanan 2019

Click here to purchase a copy of the publication that accompanies the exhibition.

We filmed Hugh discussing his master watercolour techniques alongside ideas and themes within his exhibition, please click here to watch our short film.


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