Colour Connections

Elizabeth Jane Campbell

04 Mar 2020 - 28 Mar 2020

Elizabeth Jane Campbell presents a new collection of jewellery exploring the relationship of colour, balance and form.

"My recent work explores the connection between colour and shape, taking inspiration from colour theory, colour connotations and visual literacy. I investigate Kandinsky's Bauhaus ideology, whereby colours and shapes are intrinsically linked: a square was always associated with the colour red, a circle with the colour blue and a triangle with the colour yellow. Using this restrained palette, I create bold, graphic forms that play with positive and negative space. When removing a section of a shape, I counter this by building up other areas to highlight the negative space.

Vitreous enamel allows me to achieve fantastic colours which I contrast with simple oxidised silver settings. The surface finish of the enamel is important, as a gloss or matt finish can really change the quality of the enamel colour. The relationship between colour and form continues to inspire my work."

Read our blog for an insight into Elizabeth's studio and the inspiration behind her work.


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