May is our 175th anniversary month and a time when we want to look forward as well as to celebrate our past.

We have invited over one hundred artists to respond with a small work of art specially for this exhibition and are delighted with the originality, variety and wit of the art works. Many are working towards future exhibitions, others have not exhibited with us for some time but all are part of a community of creative people, much wider than can be included in one exhibition, which makes up The Scottish Gallery family.

As part of the celebrations, a selection of jewellers were asked to make a unique commemorative pin in a range of media. The majority of the artists are based in Scotland and we are very grateful to the art schools, who have continued to provide us with such a rich abundance of talent. This exhibition also includes work from senior lecturers within the field.

Artists and staff from The Scottish Gallery have kindly modelled a selection of the pins - including several of the designers showcasing their own creations. The Gallery takes this opportunity to offer thanks to this wide community of artists; past, present and future for their talent and dedication, without which there would be nothing to celebrate.

Please click here to view the entire collection of small works of art.

  • A Birthday Celebration Artists

    A Birthday Celebration Artists

  • 175th Anniversary Pin
    Michael Becker

    175th Anniversary Pin

    AU750 and lapis lazuli
    H:3.2cm W:3.5cm D:1.5cm
    Price on Application
  • Mark-it (1842–2017) Brooch
    Stephen Bottomley

    Mark-it (1842–2017) Brooch

    silver, 18ct gold and acrylic
    H:3cm W:3cm D:1cm
  • Brooch/Pendant, Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu

    Brooch/Pendant, Professor Yasuki Hiramatsu

    20ct gold, 23ct gold, resin and gold leaf
    H:9cm W:1.2cm D:0.7cm
  • Spiral Brooch, Nuala Jamison

    Spiral Brooch, Nuala Jamison

    silver, acrylic
    H:7cm W:6cm
  • Rock Crystal Brooch & Gold Brooches
    Christa Lühtje

    Rock Crystal Brooch & Gold Brooches

    yellow precious metal and rock crystal
    H:1cm W:5-7cm
    Price on Application
  • 3 x 3 Brooch
    Marlene McKibbin

    3 x 3 Brooch

    precious yellow metal and stainless steel
    H:14cm W:10.7cm
  • St Francis Syndrome Brooch #2
    Paul Preston

    St Francis Syndrome Brooch #2

    ruby, yellow precious metals and white precious metal
    H:5cm W:5cm D:1cm
    Price on Application
  • Tiny Faceted Pins, Andrea Walsh

    Tiny Faceted Pins, Andrea Walsh

    aventurine blue and black glass and oxidised white precious metal
    H:2.2-2.7cm W:3-3.2cm D:1-1.3cm
    £175 each - right sold
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