The Edinburgh School and Wider Circle

05 Jan 2019 - 26 Jan 2019

We open 2019 with The Edinburgh School and Wider Circle which refers to a group of artists associated with Edinburgh College of Art after the First World War. The same group were all represented, at various stages, by The Scottish Gallery. Major figures of the school regularly held shows with us, both those of the older generation and from the later 1950’s those younger artists who they had helped to inspire. Many Edinburgh artist graduates escaped their colleges and country by taking port-graduate positions, making their career in England or further afield. The exhibition includes a focus on early drawings by Wilhelmina Barns Graham. A special publication is available and a selection of the exhibition will be available to see at the London Art Fair.

On 24 January, Guy Peploe talked about work from some of the most notable artists associated with The Edinburgh School, as well as work by the wider circle of artists who also graduated from Edinburgh College of Art but worked individually to forge new forms of art. Click here to view his talk on our YouTube Channel.


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