Ex Libris II

Joe Hogan

07 Sep 2016 - 01 Oct 2016

A showcase of new work from basket maker and visual artist Joe Hogan and ceramicists Claudia Rankin and Ben Arnup. 

Ben Arnup lives in York and has been making pots independently for thirty years. Latterly Ben’s construction methods have become more complex, the colours brighter and the drawing tighter. A consistent theme has been the exploration of different ways of seeing. The current evolution of this visual game juxtaposes the description of form with the flowing patterns of the stained clay. Each pot is made from a sheet of clay which has a surface layer of stained porcelain producing clear colours which are integral to the piece. The pots are then fired to oxidised stoneware with inlays and surface applications of slips emphasising the drawn image.

Joe Hogan is first and foremost a traditional basketmaker and is regarded as one of Ireland’s master craftsmen. He has been making baskets at Loch na Fooey in West Ireland since 1978. Joe grows his own willow, and harvests other naturally occurring materials such as wood, bark, larch, birch, bog myrtle twigs, willow twigs and catkins; all of which he incorporates in his work.

Claudia Rankin lives and works in Northumberland. Growing up in London, she spent many afternoons as a child exploring the textile and ceramic collections within the Victoria & Albert Museum. This hasled her to have an enduring love of colour, motif, pattern and historical narratives; all of which are encapsulated within her work. 

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