Faceted Light

Nuala Jamison

06 Jul 2016 - 30 Jul 2016

We are delighted to present a solo exhibition from jeweller Nuala Jamison; presenting both new and archive work.

Nuala Jamison's playful jewellery proudly showcases her love of colour. Over time she has developed ways of dyeing and colouring the clear acrylic material to enhance the reflective qualities - sometimes creating a subtle blend of shades and other times mixing together contrasting colours. The acrylic material used is made in sheet or rods and comes in over fifty beautiful colours. Jamison carves and shapes the pieces with pumice over several weeks to achieve the weathered appearance.

Her time is divided between studios in London and West Cork in Ireland and she therefore has the best of both worlds drawing inspiration from both the urban city space as well as the natural beauty of Bantry Bay and the southern Irish coast.  

  • Icicle Necklace
    Nuala Jamison

    Icicle Necklace

    Acrylic, silver chain
    W:4.5cm L:60cm
  • Yellow Spiral Earrings
    Nuala Jamison

    Yellow Spiral Earrings

    Acrylic, silver
    H:4-5cm W:3.5-4cm
    £90 - £100 (lower pairs sold)
  • Pink and Clear Bracelet
    Nuala Jamison

    Pink and Clear Bracelet

    Acrylic, silver chain
    W:4cm L:22cm
  • Collection of Multicoloured Earrings
    Nuala Jamison

    Collection of Multicoloured Earrings

    Acrylic and silver
    H:6-7cm W:2-2.5cm D:0.5cm
    £70 - £90 (Top left sold)
  • Frosted Pale Green Bracelet
    Nuala Jamison

    Frosted Pale Green Bracelet

    acrylic, laminated gold leaf, 18ct gold chain
    W:5.5cm L:32cm
  • Stud Earrings
    Nuala Jamison

    Stud Earrings

    Acrylic, laminated gold leaf, 18ct gold
    H:1-2.5cm W:1.5-2.5cm
    £210 each (left sold)
  • Spiral Brooches
    Nuala Jamison

    Spiral Brooches

    Acrylic, hardened silver
    H:6-7cm W:6-7.5cm
    £250 (clear sold) - £300
  • Peacock Blue Necklace
    Nuala Jamison

    Peacock Blue Necklace

    Peacock blue and clear acrylic, silver chain
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