First brings together nine artists who have not exhibited in The Scottish Gallery before and represents The Gallery’s recognition of the strength and depth of artist talent in this country. There is a deliberate mix of artists from various stages in their careers and an acknowledgment of the validity of all media in creative endeavour.

This exhibition is a complementary juxtaposition of sculptural, abstract and figurative work. The investigation of landscape both real and imagined, urban or natural, of process, of the history of art and ideas, is embraced. Most importantly, First is a celebration of talent, material and different ways of seeing the world.

  • First Front Cover

    First Front Cover

  • Draco
    Ian Howard


    mixed media on wood panel
    H:80cm W:60cm
  • (In)visible Cities: Muro d’Oro 2

    (In)visible Cities: Muro d’Oro 2

    gold leaf mosaic, cast concrete
    H:28cm W:28cm
  • Investigative paths
    Lorna McIntosh

    Investigative paths

    oil on arches paper
    H:57cm W:77cm
    Photograph: Detail Framing Studio
  • The great instauration
    Lorna McIntosh

    The great instauration

    oil on arches paper
    H:57cm W:77cm
    Photograph: Detail Framing Studio
  • The space of judgment on decision
    Lorna McIntosh

    The space of judgment on decision

    oil on arches paper
    H:49cm W:63cm
    Photograph: Detail Framing Studio
  • San Donino Chapel
    Alan Robb

    San Donino Chapel

    oil on linen
    H:60cm W:60cm
  • Goose Bay
    Bronwen Sleigh - Printmaker

    Goose Bay

    etching edition of 20
    H:52cm W:72cm
    £650 unframed
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