Form & Light

Oliver Cook

02 Sep 2021 - 25 Sep 2021

Form & Light marks Oliver Cook’s first solo exhibition with The Gallery. He specialises in sculptural works exploring the relationship between light, movement and the translucent properties of alabaster.

Cook began his practice carving minimal vases and vessels using traditional carving techniques and skills learnt through making ceramics. His practice gradually evolved to explore the material’s ability to diffuse light and how to challenge the viewer to reconsider their preconception of sculptures typical immobile, fixed nature. Working from his Manchester studio, Cook begins by carving the rough form from a solid block of stone before embarking on the lengthy process of refining and polishing the surface to unveil the delicate veining details and translucency.

When creating a piece Cook often has a specific time of day in mind; it could be when the sun falls in a certain corner of the house or a place that always gets first light in the morning. With his latest collection he further investigates the concept of movement, featuring a group of works designed to be moved, held and carried; broadening the space in which they inhabit and soliciting a dialogue between the object, environment and the light they refract.


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