From Harris to Humbie

Alex Knubley

01 Apr 2020 - 28 Apr 2020

The Scottish Gallery is delighted to welcome back Alex Knubley for her latest solo exhibition.

I work from a small shed/studio (shedio!) at the bottom of my garden, weaving from memory, sketches and photographs - paintings that explore the natural world as it changes colour, season and weather around me.

My paintings are created with pigment mixed with oil and beeswax which imbues the surface of the paintings with a thick and buttery consistency, lending form, texture and presence to the places I portray. I layer the paint using pallet knives, thick brush strokes and translucent washes, peeling back layers of accreted media in an attempt to reveal an essence of the scenes and its place in my memory. I have physically deconstructed and re-assembled certain paintings, creating an architectural patchwork of the natural world in the pigmented wax ground. This time-intensive process not only gives the pictures a sculptural quality, but also evokes decay and rebirth: the landscapes are ever-changing, evolving forms.

Having turned 50 recently, this last year has been a period of self-discovery, and by immersing myself in these surroundings, I have had time to re-engage with the landscape around me throughout the changing seasons.

My work is loosely based on the fields, forests and beach walks I take with my family and our dog. From our summer holidays exploring the Hebrides to weekend jaunts to the borders we have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland. I walk regularly around the grand estates in my local area enjoying the changing seasons and how the same view can differ from day to day, depending on light, temperature and season.

I trained as a horticulturalist fourteen years ago and have worked as the gardener for The Scottish Gallery for the last five years. I love working with and in the Gallery garden, it is a peaceful, thought provoking space, and easy to lose oneself in, much in the same way as I feel when I paint. I’m so happy that From Harris to Humbie will overlook the Gallery garden as rather fittingly, the garden is a continuation and a reflection of my paintings inside.

Read our blog for an insight into Alex's studio and the inspiration behind her work.


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