Gods, Heroes and Beasts

Paul Reid

01 Mar 2017 - 01 Apr 2017

The imagery in this new body of work from Paul Reid seems random, apart from the consistent mythological references and inclusion of studies for finished paintings. But the arbitrary nature of his dry, matter of fact, created world is a visual paradigm for a world of godly caprice, chaos, nemesis and hubris, cruelty and frustration, understood by ancients and moderns alike as our mortal inheritance. Here the wounded Philoctetes awaits his liberation by Odysseus, achieved only because the hero needs his bow and poisoned arrows to defeat Troy. Elsewhere Odysseus pleads with his captor/lover to release him back to his wife Penelope (only to be suspicious about her fidelity). A herd of lonely Minotaur search fruitlessly for some lost token. The heightened reality derived from the artist’s meticulous approach demands our detailed consideration of his subject, which remains impenetrable beyond the unease deriving from the predicament of the protagonists.


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