The Scottish Gallery celebrates the life and work of Wendy Ramshaw, CBE, RDI (1939-2018) in a memorial exhibition this June. Exhibition highlights include examples from Picasso’s Ladies (1989), Rooms of Dreams (2002), Prospero’s Table (2004) and A Journey Through Glass (2007). These exhibitions were designed and curated to act as a theatrical stage set for her jewellery. Ramshaw pushed the boundaries of jewellery, sculpture, installation and design.

'I enjoy making jewellery. I enjoy looking at jewellery and I enjoy wearing jewellery. I like to think that on any one day women in various parts of the world are putting on my jewellery and that it is giving them pleasure.' - Wendy Ramshaw

Click the following links to view or purchase publications featuring Wendy Ramshaw's work:

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Wendy Ramshaw: Rooms of Dreams


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