‘Into the Wild reflects three quite different, intense experiences of the High Arctic and various rewilding locations in the UK. West Coast Greenland in Autumn and Svalbard, mid-summer, 600 miles from the North Pole. The wilderness is breathtaking. The crisp, clean air heightens the senses. Twenty-four hour sun blazes in a circle overhead. The birds have returned, and breeding season is in full swing. Some are familiar- eider, tern, snow bunting, fulmar. The landscape of mid-summer blizzards, sea ice, glaciers and snow-covered mountains is the backdrop to the most iconic of all, the ice bear.

These paintings offer a window into our world; fleeting glimpses through a porthole. Painting in watercolour offers a clarity which is transparent, clean, fresh and direct. It’s the perfect medium to echo habitat and wildlife. The intensity of lockdown has brought home a heightened sense of awareness. A walk in the park, the screech of a swift, a snail in the garden, the falling of cherry blossom has never looked or sounded so bright. Just putting a foot outside is a step into the wild’. Claire Harkess, June 2020

Click here to read our extended blog that offers a further insight into the journey that led to this exhibition.


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