La Vie Bohème | The Unseen Drawings Part II

J.D. Fergusson

04 Jan 2020 - 01 Feb 2020

The young Picasso, visiting the studio of John Duncan Fergusson in 1907, desired to meet one of the leading figures in the artist community of Paris, a paragon of Bohemian life, an ascetic dedicated to art. The clearest, quotidian evidence of this dedication is in Fergusson’s drawings: he would never be out without a sketchbook and the approach to any studio subject would begin with drawing.

Each drawing sheet is an authentic record of his obsession, the urgency of his craft, a time-capsule of the moment of creative excitement stimulated by a chance view or a dedicated, concentrated choice in the studio. This small show of 45 works on paper reveals many previously unseen works across the artist’s long, extraordinary life.


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