Learning from the Earth

Joe Hogan

04 Apr 2018 - 28 Apr 2018

Learning from the Earth presents new willow work from traditional basketmaker and fine artist Joe Hogan. Joe has worked from his studio in Loch na Fooey in West Ireland since 1978. He grows his own willow and harvests other naturally occurring materials such as wood, bark, larch, birch, bog myrtle twigs, willow twigs and catkins that he incorporates in his work. Joe Hogan is regarded as one of Ireland’s master craftsmen and has gained a worldwide reputation for his work.

  • Fitched Log Basket & Medium Kerry Hamper
    Joe Hogan

    Fitched Log Basket & Medium Kerry Hamper

    H:46-61cm W:58-67cm
    £325 each (left sold)
  • Selection of Skibs
    Joe Hogan

    Selection of Skibs

    D:35 - 100cm
    £95 - £525
  • Large Skibs
    Joe Hogan

    Large Skibs

    £110 each
  • Joe Hogan in his studio in Loch na Fooey
    Joe Hogan

    Joe Hogan in his studio in Loch na Fooey

    Photograph: Peter Rowen, courtesy of Design & Crafts Council of Ireland
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