Life Studies

David Eustace, William Crosbie

03 Feb 2016 - 27 Feb 2016

For the artist ‘the liferoom’ has been a microcosm of the wider world. The subject is limitless, each pose providing a new challenge. The traditional study of the human form, its anatomy and vivid potential has been the vital key to unlock the wider subject. Human proportion and then the nuance of pose become the paradigm for looking at the world. While the liferoom has largely been banished from our art schools, an artist's fascination with the figure continues to run parallel with concern for the human condition and will always be relevant. Life Studies brings together three very different artists exploring three mediums and all the narratives depicted are connected by the exploration, study and observation of the human form. David Eustace, showing for the second time with us, represents a continuing commitment to new photography. Rebecca Westguard is a first time exhibitor with the gallery and an exciting raw talent, while William Crosbie, whose estate is represented by The Scottish Gallery, remains a significant but enigmatic presence in Scottish painting.

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