Malcolm Appleby at 70

Malcolm Appleby

06 Jan 2016 - 30 Jan 2016

We are honoured to celebrate Malcolm Appleby’s 70th birthday, which marks over 50 years of a creative tour de force. Malcolm Appleby has dedicated his artistic practice primarily to engraving and pushing the boundaries of metalwork; constant experimentation has made him a master of his craft and in 2014 he received an MBE for his outstanding contribution to the arts. This birthday exhibition sets out to provide a snapshot of Malcolm’s current work.

To purchase a catalogue to accompany the exhibition please click here.

  • Photograph of Malcolm Appleby by David Eustace
    Malcolm Appleby

    Photograph of Malcolm Appleby by David Eustace

  • Otter and Waterlilies Bangle
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery

    Otter and Waterlilies Bangle

    Silver cast version of Banchory Bangle
    W:2.2 - 3cm
    Photograph: Philippa Swann
  • Chains
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery


    Gold zigzag 18ct yellow and white gold far left, Oval links necklaces, various designs, sterling silver
    £7,100 (left), £1,970 (middle left), £770 (middle - SOLD), £1,780 (middle right - SOLD), £975 (right)
  • Vortex Bangles
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery

    Vortex Bangles

    Sterling silver cast and engraved bangles, signed M Appleby
    £2,440 (left), £1,730 (middle SOLD), £1,610 (right)
    Photograph: Philippa Swann
  • Collection of Silver Rings
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery

    Collection of Silver Rings

    £80 - £195
    Please contact the gallery individual sizes and prices
  • Silver and Gold Earrings
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery

    Silver and Gold Earrings

    Silver and gold
    £710 (bottom left) £540 (top left & centre) £475 (top right sold) £300 (bottom right)
    Please contact the gallery for individual measurements
  • Gold Rings
    Malcolm Appleby Jewellery

    Gold Rings

    18ct yellow gold
    £1,775 (left - sold) £696 (centre) £1,116 (right)
    Please contact the gallery for individual sizes
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