Masters of Slipware: East & West

Clive Bowen, Masaaki Shibata

01 Apr 2020 - 28 Apr 2020

We were delighted to present two masters, Clive Bowen & Masaaki Shibata, together for the first time in the United Kingdom, linking artists working in two distant parts of the world who share the same enduring passion for the language of clay. Masters of Slipware succeeds in joining two potteries from east and west: Sasayama (Tamba, Japan) and Shebbear (Devon). Together, in Clive’s words, these two masters ‘communicate through pots’ and both believe in the ‘values of craftsmanship and truth to materials above all else.'

Please Click here to purchase the accompanying catalogue. You can also click here to read our extended blog that offers a further insight into the journey and events that led to this exhibition.


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