Memorial Exhibition

David Michie

01 Mar 2017 - 01 Apr 2017

A memorial exhibition should not be a sombre affair and with the subject being the life and work of David Michie our exhibition for March 2017 could not be anything but a joyous celebration, as our collection should attest. David was a devoted son to his mother Anne Redpath, the happiest of married men with his wife Eileen, the best of fathers to his girls (who have all our thanks for helping prepare this tribute) and a friend to so many, including succeeding staff at The Scottish Gallery. This generosity of heart sprang from David’s intense interest in people: he had much to say but always as part of a conversation. But whatever he was saying he was also looking, a sketchbook seldom far from hand and what he saw and remembered or recorded helped him develop his own visual language to describe many aspects of natural phenomena but also his own feelings. A natural modesty could make him a reluctant exhibitor but the exuberance and colour in his work seeks out the light and attests to a life well lived, full of optimism and creative fulfillment.