Nocturnes and Botanics

Calum McClure

02 Apr 2016 - 30 Apr 2016

McClure’s subject of Nocturnes & Botanics focuses on different qualities of light, realised through painting, monotypes and etching. His new works in monotype have become more confident, his mark making looser and freer as his experience of pigment has developed. Colours have come more to the fore, and a beautiful spontaneity has prevailed.

Calum has been developing the idea of a ‘between image;’ snapshots of the outside world taken from a moving train,stills from music videos, pictures ripped from books and magazines, photos taken whilst walking. These works are rich with movement, energy and interest. They have largely been realised as monotypes, working from side to side with ink on a steel plate using various rollers, rags and brushes.

Many of the works in this exhibition are scenes from Benmore Botanic Garden, which is situated in Argyll. The garden is surrounded by a landscape typical of the west coast, but its botanical species are aliens amongst the native flora and fauna. The clash and interaction of these plants creates an intriguing tapestry from which an image is then assembled. McClure is interested in the botanic garden as a subject which can be interpreted as an open-air museum, filled with plants collected from around the British Empire.

McClure was most recently recognised in the W Gordon Smith Award exhibition where he won a prize for his painting A View Across the Pond II, which will be on display at the gallery in April.

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