Grant McCaig (Jewellery)

02 Sep 2021 - 25 Sep 2021

Grant McCaig presents Ovalis, a new series of brooches where he explores the notion of wholeness and clarity. For Grant, working in silver is an inspiring, creative, technical and expressive process. Using traditional silversmith techniques as his foundation, he creates pieces which explore the relationship between functionality and self-expression.

"I have created a series of brooches deliberately stripped of decoration to allow better exploration of their primal sensory qualities; form, surface and material. The oval (ovalis in Latin) form is a common motif throughout, a shape which sits at the nucleus of the group. The simplicity of each brooch is balanced by my fascination with the complexity of mechanisms. Jewellery endures because of its ability to be worn and shares a unique relationship with the body, which is both dynamic and evolving. The final pieces are a juxtaposition of simple elemental forms, and the practical mechanisms of connection to the body." - Grant McCaig, 2021

We have created a blog to accompany the exhibition, which you can read here and you can view further jewellery from Grant McCaig here.


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