David Cass

06 Jan 2017 - 23 Jan 2017

Artists have been drawn to Venice’s ethereal beauty since time immemorial, including many notable Scots. Cadell was there in 1910, and Lesley Hunter in the twenties, as was James McBey. After the War Earl Haig (inspired by his Venetian wife) made it his second home; Elizabeth Blackadder and John Houston made many trips there over the years, and today Victoria Crowe has a studio; these and many more have sought Venice out as a place of study and contemplation. Cass has not let the weight of his artistic forebears dictate his direction, however. His gaze, ever particular, has taken him away from the grand vistas and light filled canals to the backstreets, to the crumbling walls and doors at the heart of ‘everyday’ Venice. These fragments of beauty are observations of the mundane, they paint a picture of time passing, and of the multi-layered past that is Venice’s history, the aesthetic quality of each painting, a subject worthy in itself. We are delighted to open our 175th anniversary celebrations with Pełàda.

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