Still Life

01 May 2019 - 29 May 2019

This May, Guy Peploe selects from the subject of Still Life. In art history this subject has produced many masterpieces, countless sub-genres, and lot of efficient, academic works which might not win the Turner Prize but give great pleasure in the domestic realm. Still Life is often the subject chosen by the petit maitres: Van Huysum, Chardin, Morandi and our own Samuel John Peploe, explorations of symbolism, exercises in the pursuit of significant form. In Scotland the still-lives of the Edinburgh School from Gillies and Redpath to Blackadder have added considerably to the genre, in Glasgow the practice of belle peinture continues to thrive. This selection is modest, personal and focused on Scotland, on the modern period and contemporary examples.

Artists Included; Mary Armour, William Gillies, William MacTaggart, Christine McArthur, Denis Peploe, S J Peploe, Anne Redpath, Duncan Shanks


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