We are delighted to present The Fabulous Beasts Club - our first solo exhibition from glass artist Nancy Sutcliffe. Nancy's individual and contemporary approach to glass has established her as one of the most exciting glass artists working in the UK. 

"I became a glass engraver after a career as a scientific and medical illustrator. I find I have come full circle, and my subject matter today is informed by that training in precision and attention to naturalistic detail. I use a hand held drill in much the same way as I used to use a pencil, though now using diamonds and stones I am able to carve deeply into the crystal bringing the illusion of 3D. The addition of gilding has become characteristic of my current work. The Fabulous Beasts Club is a body of work which draws together several of my obsessions. Inspired by the minute detail of the natural world, but not necessarily found in nature, these creatures are gilded with precious metal leaf in rich patterns inspired by my time living in the middle east." 


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