The Sound Of Iona

03 May 2017 - 23 Jun 2017

The first site-specific installation from sculptor Lucy Gray; representing a journey through the sounds of Iona.

Lucy Gray lives and works on the West Coast of Scotland where she creates her mixed media sculptures. Lucy studied sculpture at The Central School of Art and Design, London where she received the Phoebe Llewellyn sculpture prize. She then subsequently trained in furniture restoration and has worked on various projects from using the finest Japanese lacquer to gilding a palace in Kuwait. Her specialist work as a master gilder and lacquer restorer are clearly reflected in her work. Lucy's work is held in numerous private collections, both nationally and internationally.

"I sculpt with a combination of materials because the textures excite me. My aim is that my work should never be pretty but always be beautiful. Shells are voices, pearls the spirit, and flowers the fruits of the spirit. This installation was inspired by my visit to the garden at The Scottish Gallery. The shape and lay-out of the site struck me as being remarkably similar to that of the channel of water that separates the islands of Mull and Iona. The aspect that interests me is not a historic, nor an academic exploration of the journey, but the spiritual revival that the journey represents."

  • Lucy Gray gilding in her studio View details
    Lucy Gray gilding in her studio

    Lucy Gray gilding in her studio

    Photograph: Ewen Munro


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