The Scottish Gallery at Duke Street, London

16 May 2016 - 20 May 2016

Gallery 8, 8 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6BN

Monday to Friday: 10am – 6pm Saturday 21st May by appointment

The Scottish Gallery and Ewan Mundy Fine Art have been exhibiting annually in London for over 20 years.  Each year we exhibit exceptional Scottish painting, from the 20th century and the contemporary. This year we are delighted with the collection we have to offer, including a focus on Sir William Gillies and the Edinburgh School, as well as the Scottish Colourist JD Fergusson.  Also included in the exhibition will be a group of unseen James Morrison paintings.

To find out more about the exhibition please contact Tommy Zyw.


  • White Sands, Iona
    S.J. Peploe

    White Sands, Iona

    oil on panel
    H:37.5cm W:44cm
    Price on Application
  • Halkerston
    Sir William Gillies


    pencil & watercolour
    H:25cm W:34.5cm
  • Portmore
    Sir William Gillies


    watercolour & pencil
    H:39cm W:56cm
  • The Tweed Valley
    Sir William Gillies

    The Tweed Valley

    H:23cm W:35cm
  • Canaries
    Anne Redpath


    oil on board
    H:36cm W:45cm
  • A Street in Paris
    William Wilson

    A Street in Paris

    H:73cm W:89cm
  • Companions III
    Sir Robin Philipson

    Companions III

    pastel on sandpaper
    H:22cm W:28cm
    £3,850 - reserved
  • Kinnoul Hill
    Robert Henderson Blyth

    Kinnoul Hill

    H:40cm W:53cm
  • Blue Tablecloth with Girl at Window
    David McClure

    Blue Tablecloth with Girl at Window

    oil on board
    H:27cm W:25cm
  • Still Life with Glass, Apple and Spoon
    James Cowie

    Still Life with Glass, Apple and Spoon

    mixed media
    H:25cm W:47cm
    Photograph: John McKenzie
  • Tanagra Figures (Planes and Figures)
    James Cowie

    Tanagra Figures (Planes and Figures)

    pen & pastel
    H:30.5cm W:31cm
    Photograph: John McKenzie
  • The Artist and his Model
    James Cowie

    The Artist and his Model

    pencil & pastel
    H:38cm W:27cm
    Photograph: John McKenzie
  • Self and Maiden
    William Crosbie

    Self and Maiden

    pen and ink wash
    H:34cm W:24cm
  • Assynt, 23.iii.2008
    James Morrison

    Assynt, 23.iii.2008

    oil on board
    H:57cm W:78cm
  • Farm on the Skyline, 31.iii.2014
    James Morrison

    Farm on the Skyline, 31.iii.2014

    oil on board
    H:22cm W:65cm
  • Summer Fields
    Duncan Shanks

    Summer Fields

    Acrylic on paper
    H:49.5cm W:66cm
    Photograph: John McKenzie
  • Hedgerow and Meadow Flowers
    Duncan Shanks

    Hedgerow and Meadow Flowers

    Acrylic on paper
    H:35cm W:34.5cm
    Photograph: John McKenzie
  • Magic Towers III
    Duncan Shanks

    Magic Towers III

    acrylic on paper
    H:38cm W:38cm
  • Still Life in Gold
    Colin Reid

    Still Life in Gold

    Cast optical glass
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