Jack Doherty

06 Jan 2016 - 30 Jan 2016

We are delighted to present Waypoint; a solo exhibition of soda fired porcelain ceramics by Jack Doherty.

Originally curated by Sarah Frangleton, Waypoint was first exhibited during the St Ives September festival 2015 across three historic sites in St Ives; fishermen’s chapels and traditional places of refuge. By placing vessel forms within a specific site the intention was to create a thoughtful space in which to view the work with sensitivity to the context of place. The aim was to highlight the cultural heritage of the fishing community connecting visitors and local audiences with these historic landmarks and narratives of faith, courage and epic voyages. Jack Doherty has created a new family of work for The Scottish Gallery so that we can experience Waypoint in Edinburgh.

“I was born into a family of fishermen. As a child the harbour was the most fascinating place in my universe; a space charged with emotional content that shaped my world.” Jack Doherty, 2015

  • Jack Doherty

    Vessels installed in St Nicholas Chapel, St Ives, September 2015

    Soda-fired porcelain
    Photograph: Rebecca Peters
  • Jack Doherty

    Jack Doherty at St Nicholas Chapel, St Ives, September 2015

    Photograph: Rebecca Peters
  • Jack Doherty

    Jack Doherty in his studio

    Photograph: Jonny Birch
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