Woven Landscape is Lise Bech’s first solo exhibition with The Scottish Gallery.

Lise Bech, originally from Denmark, lives and works in the Southern Uplands of Scotland, where she grows a wide range of willows (Salix species) for her basket making. In addition to her cultivated willow beds, the local landscape provides a rich source of other traditional basketry materials (heather, fieldrush, hairmoss) and more experimental fibre plants (birch, broom) which are occasionally used for embellishment.

Lise’s initial interest and motivation in taking up basketry was her desire to be involved with the whole process of making beautiful and useful organic objects: from the growing and harvest of the raw materials through to design and final execution of the piece - each step satisfying her love of and commitment to the natural world. Working exclusively with Scottish willow - much of it organically grown, tended and harvested (coppiced) by hand - she weaves traditional as well as contemporary pieces.

  • Lise Bech

    Goodbush Hill

    Salix Lasiandra
  • Lise Bech

    Spirebush Hill

    Salix Lasiandra
    H:26cm W:24cm
  • Lise Bech

    Group of Willow Baskets

    Salix purpurea Brittany GreenSalix purpurea Carl JensenStripped Somerset Willow
    £340 - £480 (middle and right sold)
  • Lise Bech

    Group of Willow Baskets

    Salix fragilis Flanders Red & BritzensisSalix purpurea Brittany BlueSalix triandra Whissender
    £380 (left - sold) £320 (middle - sold) £380 (right)
  • Lise Bech


    Salix fragilis Flanders Red
    H:26cm W:70cm
  • Lise Bech

    Vase 1001

    Mixture of homegrown willows
    H:32cm W:24cm
  • Lise Bech


    Homegrown Bay Leaf willow and Somerset Whissender
    H:14cm W:23cm
  • Lise Bech


    Cornus from Glenbuck Loch
    H:15cm W:15cm
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