Le Tiers-Paysage | September 2021

Calum McClure is an artist who has always been drawn to paint the edges of the urban landscape. In Le Tiers-Paysage, McClure has developed these ideas further, using pathways through the city of Glasgow as a vehicle to explore the interplay between natural and built environments. He has produced a new body of work which ranges in style; each subject merits a particular technical response, producing both paintings and monotypes to describe his practice. The Scottish Gallery is delighted to welcome Calum McClure back for his sixth solo exhibition.

We have created a series of short films to coincide with Calum's exhibition, which you can watch below. Enjoy!


We are welcomed into Calum's studio, as he discusses some of the works in his 2021 exhibition Le Tiers-Paysage.


Calum discusses his inspirations behind the painting Araucaria Araucana.


Find out more about the two paintings Frame, Trees and Stream and Moon and Wind...


Calum helped set up his exhibition Le Tiers-Paysage so we filmed him discussing his monotype Blue Midnight Trees.

McClure's exhibition is on from the 2 - 25 September 2021.