Grapphica | March 2021

Lara Scobie presents her second solo exhibition with the Gallery - Grapphica. Lara's new collection in fine parian porcelain features both bold and delicate layered, linear patterns.

Graphic pattern and bold colour continue to be a source of great enjoyment within my work, but lockdown has afforded me the time to further develop pattern and surface. This intensive period of work has allowed me to explore new qualities within the surface, concentrating on the texture of surface pattern and expanding on my interest in pattern and textiles including the warp and weft of woven cloth and layered stitching. My interests lie in both colour and texture, working with these elements to develop a symbiotic relationship of both surface and form.

Lara Scobie, 2021

Explore the exhibition online here and enjoy our film to coincide with the exhibition below: