Into The Wild | July 2020

Claire Harkess was born in Ayr, Scotland, graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in the early 1990s. In recent years her painting has taken her to fragile lands to study and interpret life on the edge. Antarctica, Outback Australia and St Kilda are all places where, in such extreme environments, survival is difficult and the balance of life is delicate.

Into the Wild reflects three quite different, intense experiences of the High Arctic and various rewilding locations in the UK. West Coast Greenland in Autumn and Svalbard, mid-summer, 600 miles from the North Pole.

Claire Harkess, 2020

You can explore the exhibition online here.

In the visual podcasts below, Claire shares her experiences when visiting Svalbard and some further insights into rewilding projects across the UK. Enjoy!

Watch as Tommy installs Into The Wild in The Gallery. We are now open by appointment only. Please phone or email The Gallery to help us plan your visit.