Mark Hearld's Menagerie | December 2020

The Gallery presented Mark Hearld’s Menagerie this December.

Mark lives and works in York, but as a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, he is very much at home in The Scottish Gallery, holding his first solo exhibition with us in 2009. Taking inspiration from the natural world, Mark has a particular interest in British flo­ra and fauna, with recurring motifs of the fox and chicken, hedgerow, and songbirds. His paintings, collage, linocuts and designs are drawn from a lifetime of looking at pattern books, popular prints, primitive art, and the poetry of Blake. In this new body of work, created during lockdown, the animal kingdom parades across his artworks transporting us to a story­book countryside where we find the sly fox, strutting cockerel, the moorhen at the water’s edge, the geese on the green at Carnyorth, and fields of Jersey cows in rich Cornish pastures.

The accompanying publication is still available to purchase here.