People and Places | June 2020

We are delighted to present People and Places by Emily Sutton as part of our June 2020 exhibition programme. Emily Sutton studied Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art and is now based in York. She combines her exhibition work with illustration projects, including many picture books for children.

the inspiration behind People and Places

'The preparation for this exhibition has been very much divided into two parts. It began last year with trips to the Yorkshire coast and further afield to Paris with my sketchbook to draw, paint and collect material which I then used as the basis for a series of watercolours. The second part was a direct reflection of the shrinking down of life - rather than responding to scenes from the outside world I focused instead on smaller, more focused subjects in the form of still lives. During a time of uncertainty it was comforting to put my attention towards favourite collected objects and optimistic spring flowers.

The title of the exhibition, People and Places, was decided before the world came to a standstill. It was the title of a small book of drawings that I began as a student at ECA in which I would make daily observational sketches, something that has stayed with me to this day and is the basis for all my artistic practice'. - Emily Sutton, 2020

people and places | now in the gallery

Please enjoy a short film below that introduces Emily Sutton's exhibition and allows you to view a selection of works hanging in The Gallery.

Explore People and Places online here.