Scenery, Samplers & Souvenirs | May 2021

Paul Scott lives and works in rural Cumbria. He has been a professional artist for over thirty years and is well known for research into printed vitreous surfaces, as well as his characteristic blue and white transferwares. In re-animating familiar objects, he creates individual pieces that are exacting and critical, blurring the boundaries between fine art, craft and design. In recent years Scott’s investigations have involved print archives at Spode & Wedgwood Museums as well as the V&A.

Scenery, Samplers & Souvenirs presents new artworks which update historical transferwares for the 21st century, including a selection from his New American Scenery series and you can read more about this series here. The exhibition also features work made as a result of his Gardens of Lyra collaboration with Spode and Fortnum & Mason.

Please watch and enjoy our film insights into Paul's work below: