Great Scots In Isolation | The Films

We're pleased to introduce Great Scots in Isolation, which is a series of short 1-2 minute films by Scottish Gallery artists from Scotland, UK and internationally. The Scottish Gallery wants to show solidarity to all at this time of isolation and let you into our artists' worlds. via our social network and We will be posting the films onto our social media feeds and you can view the entire series of short films below. Sit back and enjoy!

victoria crowe

We are delighted to have this project launched by Victoria Crowe, who very kindly agreed to make the first film for us, with the helping hand of her husband Michael Walton.

david eustace

For our next instalment of Great Scots in Isolation we hear from photographic artist, art curator and film director, David Eustace who is hard at work in his print room at home.

jonathan christie

Next up, we have a visual treat from artist Jonathan Christie. ⁣⠀⁣

hugh buchanan

Next up in our Great Scots in Isolation series is Hugh Buchanan. Find out what he's been up to whilst working from home...

claire harkess

Next we are delighted to welcome Claire Harkess from her studio - with a musical treat!

charles simpson

We welcome Charles Simpson from his charming isolated gallery for our next Great Scots in Isolation short film.

nancy sutcliffe

Today we get a peak into Nancy Sutcliffe’s studio and process for our Great Scots in Isolation series.

michael lloyd

Next up we welcome silversmith Michael Lloyd from a calm, outdoor setting.

ross ryan

Next we welcome landscape painter Ross Ryan and some surprise guests.

andrea geile

Take a peak into Andrea Geile's workshop and catch a glimpse of a new piece she is currently working on.

arran semple

Next we welcome Arran Semple for our Great Scots in Isolation series.

joe hogan

Here we welcome Joe Hogan from the west of Ireland as he created his lovely Willow Catkin Nests.

calum mcclure

This time we find out what Calum McClure has been up to as he reflects on his work....and his Italian!

jock mcfadyen

For our next instalment, we get a peak at Jock McFadyen's latest work.

amy dennis

Next up we welcome Amy Dennis working away in her beautiful studio.

david cass

This time we find out what David Cass has been up to from his home in London.

lachlan goudie

For this episode we have a message from Lachlan Goudie, from an idyllic countryside setting, as we works on a new painting.

christine mcarthur

We love this soothing video by Chrstine McArthur.

Adrian mccurdy

Next up we welcome Adrian McCurdy working from his studio in the Scottish Borders

kate downie

Next up we welcome Kate Downie and her mother. They've been participating in a parallel paintings project, started by Kate.

malcolm appleby

For our next episode, we see a brief glimpse into what Malcolm Appleby has been working on in his Perthshire studio.

frances macdonald

Next up we welcome Frances Macdonald and her two lovely dogs!

lara scobie

For our next episode we welcome Lara Scobie from her Edinburgh studio.

philip braham

Next up, we find out what Philip Braham has been up to during the lockdown and get an insight into his practice.

alison mcgill

Here you can enjoy a step-by-step guide from artist and Gallery Assistant Director Alison McGill on her pastel artwork process.

jacqueline ryan

For this episode, we are shown around Jacqueline Ryan's Italian home and neighbourhood and find out how she's been working through the lockdown.

Elizabeth Jane Campbell

We welcome Edinburgh based jeweller, Elizabeth Jane Campbell, who gives us a tour around her bright shared studio. Elizabeth is also our Exhibitions Coordinator.

Charles Simpson

For this episode, we have a part II of Charles Simpson's isolated gallery!

Paul Reid

For this episode, painter Paul Reid shows us where he's been hanging out during the lockdown.

Heather McDermott

Today we get a tour around Glasgow-based jeweller Heather McDermott's current home workspace. She also shows us how she creates one of her Short Fankle Neckpieces!

Alex Knubley

We welcome Alex Knubley - Gallery artist and our Gallery gardener - from our garden!

Sara Brennan

Tapestry weaver Sara Brennan shows us what she's been working on during the lockdown!

Angie Lewin

For this episode, we have a beautiful montage from Angie Lewin of her home, studio, garden and a peak at some new work.

Campbell Sandilands

We welcome Campbell Sandilands who shows us what he's been creating during the lockdown.

Susan Cross

For this episode, we welcome Susan Cross from her isolation home and garden.

Jo Barker

We welcome Jo Barker from Kendal, Cumbria where she's been taking time to reflect on her practice.

Lise Bech

For this episode, we welcome Lise Bech from her lovely garden-come-workspace in Fife.

Gus Fisher

We welcome artist and maker Gus Fisher who shows us how he creates one of his beautiful stone carvings.

Ewan McClure

For today's episode of Great Scots in Isolation, we are finding out what Ewan McClure has been working on during lockdown.

Ewan says - "I'm very fortunate to be able to continue working as normal. This timelapse compresses a single day's effort getting my eye in, and fades to the finished painting after a second day's refinements." Suspended Animation, oil on canvas laid on board. NFS