The Mallaig Rug Commission | 2021

The Scottish Gallery is working in partnership with Dovecot Studios to present Jock McFadyen’s Lost Boat Party exhibition from June to September 2021. Dovecot Studios are currently collaborating with Jock McFadyen on a major new artwork that interprets the Scottish artist’s gritty, urban vision through the dramatic sensuality of fine art textile.

You can read more about the Mallaig Rug Commission here:

In the film below, to coincide with our January Blues exhibition, we invited Celia Joicey, Director of Dovecot, to talk about the colour blue and a new commission with McFadyen which was presented as part of the prestigious international Art Fair COLLECT 2021 in February. The Scottish Gallery and Dovecot will present McFadyen's work as part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2021.

And while visits to Dovecot are restricted, we thought you would enjoy this short film featuring the creation of the artwork, from the colour selection and sampling process, followed by the stretching of canvas, blending of yarns and the tufting process.