Wendy's World | May 2020

This May The Scottish Gallery hosts an online tribute to Wendy Ramshaw CBE, RDI (1939-2018) - Wendy's World where you can view available works including Ramshaw's signature ringsets. To coincide with this exhibition, we bring you an audio and visual podcast exploring the life and work of Wendy Ramshaw, CBE, RDI (1939-2018), narrated by Christina Jansen and a series of short films allowing you to see some of the pieces featured in Wendy's World. We invite you to enjoy the series of films below.

Wendy's World | Visual Podcast by Christina Jansen

Wendy's World | Ringsets

Wendy's World | Necklaces

Wendy's world | Brooches

Wendy's World | Basic Geometry

Wendy's World | Knowing Wendy Ramshaw