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S. J. Peploe | The Harbour, Cassis

22 February 2024

A Legacy in Colour | The Peploe Family
7 March 2024 – 6 April 2024

Guy Peploe, S.J. Peploe’s grandson and one of The Scottish Gallery Directors, discusses one of the major works in this exhibition, The Harbour, Cassis, 1913 by S. J. Peploe. This is the first time this work has been made available for purchase.

Explore the exhibition online here. A Legacy in Colour invites viewers to witness the Peploe family’s artistic legacy, appreciating the diversity within their shared commitment to artistic expression. From the vibrant palettes of Samuel John Peploe to the direct, physical work of Denis Peploe, this exhibition celebrates the enduring impact of a family that significantly shaped the art scene in Scotland and beyond.

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