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19 August 2023

Folk at Heart is an invitation to enter a world of discovery and creativity. We have curated an uplifting, theatrical and imaginative exhibition combining fine, popular and applied artists to sit alongside self-taught and anonymous folk artists mixing contemporary and historical timelines. Folk at Heart embraces the artist, the amateur, naïve and unpretentious – each artist leads the narrative from social history, decorative and useful to the subversive and grotesque. There is painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics, jewellery, basket weaving, quilting and embroidery alongside many curious and rare vintage finds. Folk at Heart explores the iconography of personal memory, pop-culture, myths and folk tales, practical design and the continuation of local traditions in all forms.

Enjoy our short introductory film below…

Find out more about some of the Folk at Heart artists below.

Jonny Hannah

Pauline Burbidge

Mark Hearld

Adrian McCurdy

Lise Bech

Colin Brown

John Byrne

Angie Lewin

Martin Clark

Anna Liebmann

Fitch & McAndrew

Owen Jones

Joe Hogan

Vicky Lindo & Bill Brookes

Katrin Moye

Sylvia von Hartmann

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