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Malcolm Appleby | Symposium and St Giles’ Candlesticks

11 July 2023

On Thursday 6 July, Malcolm Appleby hosted his annual Engraving Symposium 2023 at his workshop in Perthshire. Gallery artist Kathryn Hinton – who is currently featured in our Form & Facets exhibition – travelled up from Edinburgh to get creative with engraving and also took part in an enamelling workshop with Jane Short. We thank Kathryn and Rachel Rowley for sharing their photos!

St Giles Cathedral Candlesticks

Malcolm designed a pair of Candlesticks that featured prominently in the national thanksgiving service at St Giles’ Cathedral. Thousands lined the streets in central Edinburgh to watch The People’s Procession ahead of a The National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication to mark Their Majesty’s recent Coronation. The service saw King Charles III presented with Scotland’s crown jewels, which form part of the Honours of Scotland.

The Pair of Candlesticks on the altar of St Giles’ Cathedral were designed and made in 2013, a private bequest commissioned by John McLintock as a parting gift to the Cathedral. Malcolm designed and worked on them with his assistant at the time, Karen Marion Wallace. They come out on numerous official occasions, including last year during Her Majesty the Queen’s lying in state in Edinburgh. The imagery on the engraving is of doves and fish.

The Royal Family at St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral - blue ceiling

Engraving Symposium 2023

The Annual Engraving Symposium is held at Malcolm’s workshops in the relaxed environment of Aultbeag’s 12 acres of woodland meadow.

Under the aegis of the Hand Engravers’ Association of Great Britain, Master Engravers are invited to inspire and work with student engravers, and under Malcolm’s unerring eye, the focus was on the creative use of engraving. Alongside gallery artist Kathryn Hinton, Malcolm welcomed an international group of participants – Jane Short, designer, engraver and enameller; Vince Crowley, a highly accomplished gun engraver and artist; Megan Rigby who is a specialist seal engraver; James Dougall, a silversmith who uses engraving; Kerstin Östberg, engraver and medallist from Sweden, and others including artist Anna Olafsson, Malcolm’s award-winning, former assistant.

Enamelling samples by Jane Short
An engraving sample by a student
Kerstin Östberg at work
A silver beaker displayed on a tree

I was honoured to be invited to the hand engraving symposium at Malcolm Appleby’ workshop. It was a great opportunity to work alongside a group of talented makers who use different engraving techniques and I learnt a lot by sharing ideas in the workshop environment. It was a privilege to be able to take time away from my usual workshop practice and spend time experimenting with new designs and ideas. - Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn Hinton in the midst of engraving
Jane Short outside the workshop
Kathryn Hinton and Malcolm Appleby

Malcolm has taught me different methods to engrave line and patterns and create the geometric style of my work using different tools and processes. During the week I was able to develop the hammer and chisel method, texturing and making marks that reflect the light, creating more depth to the surface of the work. This offers a freedom to work by hand on silver sheet or onto three-dimensional objects. - Kathryn Hinton

Kathryn's engraving

Kathryn Hinton

Merging traditional ideas with digital technology, Kathryn Hinton’s faceted silverware and jewellery explore form and surface using computer aided design software. The ability to use technology as a tool to design and also as a method of manufacture has shaped the style of her work. The pieces are designed in a computer aided design programme to achieve the faceted forms and realised in silver using processes such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling and press forming.

Kathryn’s new range of jewellery uses digital engraving combined with traditional enamel to create bold and graphic pieces.

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