S.J. Peploe, Still Life with Melon and Fruit

29 Apr 2019
S.J. Peploe, Still Life with Melon and Fruit
SJ Peploe, Still Life with Melon and Fruit, c.1913, oil on canvas, 46 x 38 cm, signed lower right, Provenance: Edmistons, Glasgow, 1972; Private collection, Glasgow

Important painting to be offered for sale in forthcoming exhibition opening on Wednesday 1st May - Still Life

We are delighted to include this significant S.J. Peploe still life in our forthcoming exhibition curated by Guy Peploe. A painting from the same period is currently on show in the Tate, as part of the exhibition Van Gogh & Britain.

Picture Note:

"Peploe spent time in France most years from the mid-1890’s, having studied there for most of 1894. He would certainly have seen the Van Gogh exhibition at Bernheim Jeune in 1901, where other works would have been displayed regularly. Living in Montparnasse in a tiny studio apartment at 278 Ble Raspail with Margaret and baby Willy from the Autumn of 1910, back from Royan, he worked on several still lifes, particularly of tulips, which are now recognised as some of his most urgent, modernist paintings. Painted in a rich impasto, the paint in furrows, contained with strong outlines these works owe a clear debt to Van Gogh in terms of technique and palette, but go further; they are less naturalistic and certainly in Still life, with Melon and Fruit, tend towards a cubist analysis of form, albeit energised with the swift, sure laying in of the paint".

Guy Peploe, April 2019

Gallery Film:

Click here to watch a short film where Guy Peploe discusses the painting in more detail. Please contact The Gallery for more information - mail@scottish-gallery.co.uk

S.J. Peploe, Still Life with Melon and Fruit
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