Staff Picks - Summer 2019

20 May 2019

The Scottish Gallery staff would like to share with you on a monthly basis some of our favourite things that we discover and come across here in The Gallery, but are not always on display. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

June Staff Picks

Christina Jansen chose: Lindean Mill optic tumbler
Annica Sandstrom and David Kaplan are the glass artists behind Lindean Mill Glass from the Scottish Borders. They have been making the classic optic range of glasses for over 40 years and the optic tumbler is a classic. It is beautifully proportioned and the perfect size for everyday use with a signature bevelled shape and coloured rim. This is a firm gallery favourite - we have stocked the optic range since the 1980's.

Lisa Muxworthy chose: Alison McGill, Shoreline
Alison McGill’s paintings have a sense of peace that make me smile just to look at them. They are quiet, yet precise and I see something different each time I see them. The colours and setting in this painting Shorelines captures a moment so familiar, she somehow draws you into the peace. This painting is as wonderful as the artist, who I am lucky enough to call my friend.

Staff Picks - Summer 2019

Ruth Leslie chose: Michael Becker, Lapis Earrings
Michael Becker is a German Jeweller, whose work is in many public collections such as the V&A in London, Cooper Hewitt in New York and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Montreal. I am a huge fan of his work, due to the craftsmanship as well as the running theme of blue and gold - a beautiful and contrasting combination. The rich blue colour of Lapis suits nearly everybody, and the surrounding solid gold intensifies the colour. Lapis Lazuli remains one of the most sought after stones since human history began!

Tommy Zyw chose: Victoria Crowe, Reflect Sculpture
Although renowned for her painting, Crowe has worked in three dimensions including this sculpture dating from 2009. The title of the artwork, Reflect describes the literal reflection cast in the bronze mirror but also illustrates an inward search of thoughts and feelings. Mirrors have been an important motif throughout the artist’s work in recent years. Victoria Crowe’s major new retrospective exhibition has just opened at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh.

Staff Picks - Summer 2019

Laura Cooper chose: Mark Hearld, Muscovy Drake and Muscovy Duck I
I love this pair! I'm particularly taken by the spotty painted frames of these mixed media works that resemble the pattern of bird's feathers. I think it is so clever because, like feathers, the frame protects the birds within.

Kirsty Sumerling chose: Claire Harkess, Eagle Owl I
Claire Harkess has captured the essence of the magnificent Eagle Owl in flight. The mere suggestion of marks and her use of watercolour depicts the powerful movement of its sweeping wings.

Staff Picks - Summer 2019

Ali McGill chose: Jo Hayes Ward, random structural band in 18ct yellow gold
I love the geometric shape and texture of this ring and the way that the light catches the surface structures.

Sophie Lawson chose: Calum McClure, Bathing Cabin Nyon
Calum McClure paints here with the most beautiful blue - I really like the way he paints the water rushing forwards, reflecting the sun back at us and the contrast of these bold gestures with the delicacy of the trees in the background that remind me of dried grasses.

Staff Picks - Summer 2019

Guy Peploe chose: Joe Fan, Spring Time Chaos I have chosen this as a perfect example of Joe Fan's extraordinary draughtsmanship - certainly not to say there has been any chaos at The Scottish Gallery this spring!

Elizabeth Campbell chose: Kirsten Coelho, Bottle and Bowl
The first exhibition I helped with when I started working at The Gallery was Fine Lines, which featured work from Kirsten Coelho and I have admired her work ever since.
Beautifully minimal forms highlight her skills in porcelain and act as a canvas for her matt white glazes and iron oxides. The combination of form, colour, tone and light in her pieces make them irresistibly tactile and engaging.

Staff Picks - Summer 2019
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