Victoria Crowe Silent Auction

09 Sep 2019

This year, to coincide with The City Art Centre's exhibition Victoria Crowe: 50 Years of Painting, The Gallery published Catching The Light, Poems inspired by the paintings of Victoria Crowe. This limited edition book contains work by six poets who have been moved by the poetic nature of Crowe's work.

Victoria Crowe Silent Auction

This book has a limited run of 500 copies. No.1/500 is signed by Victoria Crowe and all six of the poets. It is the only copy to be signed by all of the contributors. We are auctioning off this unique book in a silent auction for charity - along with a new, original work by Victoria.

Seeing the paintings become a starting point for a further creative journey has been deeply affecting for me. I love what everyone has brought to this venture. There are resonances and experiences reaching across the two disciplines, and we share a thought, a question, an understanding which is usually too difficult to communicate in the real world.

Victoria Crowe

If you are interested in placing a bid please contact Tommy Zyw,, or call The Gallery on 0131 558 1200.

Victoria Crowe Silent Auction
Auction Prize, watercolour and gouache on paper, 19.5 x 29 cm
Victoria Crowe Silent Auction
image courtesy of The Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Click here to purchase a copy of Catching The Light.

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